Project LAMP
Project LAMP stands for Listen, Anchor, Meditate, and Pray. This daily Bible activity reviews the previous week's material and prepares the students for next Sunday's material. Each book series is synced up with the theme of the lesson to provide a different and exciting experience every time. Reading passages, memorizing verses, drawing, and applying these skills to their lives are just an example of the activities in Project LAMP.

Shekinah Offering Pamphlet
We encourage kids to save up part of their money to put into their Shekinah Glory Offering Pamphlet. They are encouraged to save their quarters throughout the week into their pamphlets, which will then be deposited into a collection jar on Sunday. We believe that building up good practices when young will lead to good habits when they grow up.

Summer Spectacular Reading
This Summer reading program encourages kids to learn more about different Bible heroes and to build up their knowledge base about important things in the Bible. The program is self paced and kids are also encouraged to share what they learned in front of their peers. For those who are able complete it, they are rewarded with special prizes and stickers.