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2020-08-09 Rev. Tong Liu God’s Thoughts for You Sermon MP3
2020-08-02 Rev. Doris Lin Changing Your Life by Speaking God's Word Sermon MP3
2020-07-26 Rev. Doris Lin Living at the End of the Age Sermon MP3
2020-07-19 Rev. Doris Lin Winning Our Battles With Worship Sermon MP3
2020-07-12 Rev. Doris Lin Obedience to God Sermon MP3
2020-07-05 Rev. Doris Lin The Breakthrough Is Coming Sermon MP3
2020-06-28 Rev. Tong Liu Experiencing Victory Through Christ Sermon MP3
2020-06-21 Rev. James Wang Running Towards the Loving Father Sermon MP3
2020-06-14 Rev. Doris Lin Be the Light of the World Sermon MP3